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Highest Rated & Most Powerful Clover Kitchen Display

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ZenKDS Features 

01. Fast & Agile

ZenKDS is the fasted kitchen display on the market. We ensure all types of orders are displayed as soon as they are placed. Along with speed we offer many custom options to allow the user to view only the orders they need to see. 

02. Cost-Effective

ZenKDS believes in building a relationship with the business. We pride ourselves on creating heavy duty products without the big price tag to the end user. We offer the most competitive pricing on the market. 

03. Technology 

ZenKDS was created by an in house development team of certified developers. We pride ourselves on creating the most powerful kitchen display app on the market. We use the latest technology tools to ensure effectiveness and security. 

04. Organized & Efficienct

ZenKDS helps restaurants operate at a higher efficiency to deliver a better dining, takeout, or delivery experience to the customer. Being able to view orders and real time order status allows restaurants to push out orders in a timely manner. 

05. 3 Apps in 1 

ZenKDS has three built in modes like Kitchen Display, Takeout View, and Carryout View. We handle orders of all types and each view allows you to focus on a particular function. The Takeout View helps manage take out orders without the commotion and chaos. The Carryout View allows for customers to see real time status of their orders.

06. Peace of Mind

ZenKDS offers peace of mind to not only the restaurant owner but the kitchen staff as well. Gone are the days of chasing paper receipts or wasting money on printer paper. ZenKDS allows the kitchen to be run smoothly ensuring a happier staff. 


Try ZenKDS Today!

We know adding a new product to your restaurant may be a taunting task, however ZenKDS is here to make life easy. We are so confident in our application that we offer every customer a free 30 day trial. If you are ready to make the change please contact us today! Contact us at






After speaking with restaurant owners, we discovered there was no true kitchen display system that handled all their needs. Thats where we came in and set out to solve their problems. Fast forward a few months later ZenKDS was born. 

ZenKDS was created to be a true display system to handle all your kitchen needs. We are here to ensure that business owners have partner to trust and help with their business needs. 

Our development team has been hard at work to create an application with all the latest technology tools. We strive to create a safe and powerful product. 

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