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Zen KDS Settings 

Zen KDS is truly customizable application that can customize to all your needs. Are you looking to better understand the settings available through the application? Let us help by explaining how our application can perform to its full potential!

KDS Settings 

Bar Settings

Do you want bar items to initiate timer? If you don’t want the bar items to initiate the timer, please place an asterisk (*) in front of the label timer example: *Bar. By using the asterisk, it prevents a scenario where a table orders drinks and then 45 minutes later orders food and the entire order jumps to the front of the line.


  • Show modifier groups along with items – display modifiers and items.

  • New Order Sound – choose the sound or mute the device for new orders.

  • Payment Indication – Order type turns green when order is paid.

  • Ringtone – choose your sound.

  • Enable KDS – turn KDS on or off.


  • Maximum orders to display on screen – 2/4/8.

  • Take out view Maximum orders to display at a time – 2/4/8

  • Font size – small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large

  • Swipe orders- allows you to swipe left to right versus using prev/next button.

  • Show status bar – remove if you wish to show more of the order.

  • Order late threshold – choose when orders turn red and are considered late.

  • Display orders upon payment.

  • Display only printed items.

  • Show Consolidated View – Summarizes open items by category.

  • Maximum order age – choose how long orders display.

  • Maximum order limit – choose the number of orders the kds shows.

  • Color for order types – choose colors for order types like to To-go/Purple, Dine-in/Blue, etc.,

Data & Sync

  • Master Control – On allows the monitor to act as an Expo screen.

  • Master Control – Off allows the monitor to be updated individually.


  • Refired items, table number/employee name turns red.

  • Combined orders result in a red triangle.


  • Category labels visible on this station – Choose which categories show up on consolidated view.

  • Item labels visible on this station - choose which labels such as “Kitchen” or “Bar” display on an individual tablet/screen.

  • Order types visible on this station – choose which order types to display such as “Dine-in” or “To-go” on an individual tablet.

  • Hide paid order types - When one customer pays, (Clover creates a new order and shows the item as paid) – Useful feature for full-service restaurants to hide orders that are paid.

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